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Your package will be shipped within 1 business day and should arrive in your mailbox in 10-20 days. Your hard copy book is 300 pages and contains all of the written guides. Your 3 DVDs contain all of the videos and play in your DVD player. Your CD-ROM contains all of the videos, manuals and guides and plays in your computer -- it is a safe, secure copy of the materials and eliminates any issues with downloading files.

Power4Patriots Bonus Manuals

Here are all your Power4Patriots bonus manuals.

Right Click Here for Disaster 101 Manual
This is manual showing you everything you need to know to survive a disaster.
Right Click here for DIY Solar Cooker Manual
Here's the step-by-step manual showing you how to build a solar cooker.
Right Click Here For Water Survival Manual
This is the manual showing you the critical steps necessary to survive a water crisis.

Solar Installation Superpack

Here are all your Solar Installation Superpack videos, manuals and spreadsheets.

Solar Installation Video #1

Solar Installation Video #2

Right Click Here For Solar Installation Superpack Guide
Right Click Here For Solar Panel Wiring Guide
Right Click Here For Solar Panel Installation Overview
Right Click Here For Solar Consumer Guide
Right Click Here For Solar Sizing Worksheet (Excel)

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